Subculture : A Cultural Group Within A Larger Culture

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Oxford Dictionary defines a subculture as a “cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture” (Oxford Dictionaries). We are all part of a subculture at some point in our lives whether it is when we were at school, university or at work, we have or will be involved in a “subculture” that gives us a sense of belonging and allows us to express our personalities through different means. The importance of one’s clothing, views or behaviour is essential when belonging to a significant group. Subcultures give people a sense of association and allow them to unite with people that share the same interests, beliefs and values as themselves. Subcultures promote a sense of individualisation from society’s expected norms and bring those people together and unite them. Subcultures have existed for many years ranging from Goths to Skater to the modern day belieber. In today’s society there are many subcultures that are applied to people of different age, race, class and gender.
In the 19th century, the term “culture” was use to describe Western Civilisation. It was said that western cultures and eastern cultures regarded their countries as the best and that their way of life was of that higher than any other. Sir Edward Burnett Tylor was an English anthropologist who was the founder of “cultural anthropology”. His book Primitive Culture (1871) gave the clearest definitions of culture, in it he defines culture as a…
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