Subculture: Prostitution

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There are many subcultures in todays society, some more extreme than others. When studying a specific subculture, the researcher must be careful with what they say, how they act and who they associate with during their fieldwork. The researcher should obtain as much background information as they can to be sure they do not make a mistake because one wrong decision can lead to unwelcoming circumstances. Claire E. Sterk wrote an article where she studied the life of a prostitute through their eyes and described the methods she used to study them and their communities. I found it very interesting that Claire Sterk chose to study prostitutes. That is a very dangerous subculture to observe. I believe Sterk was interested in working with…show more content…
Some of these women escaped from prostitution, while others have been doing it for years and are continuing. These women are no different from any other working woman. They are all just trying to get by and survive in a diminishing economy. Of the six themes in the ethnography of prostitution presented by Sterk in the article, I believe that the impact of the AIDS epidemic on the women’s lives are most important. Society does not accept prostitutes and believe that they are open to the fact of having unprotected sex with numerous partners. This is not the case at all. These women are very careful and force their partners to use protection at all times. These women are sometimes forced into having unprotected sex by their partner. The costumers think that because they are paying for sex, they can do whatever they want. The men become violent and force certain acts upon these women. Although the prostitutes know the risks of their job, some do not take HIV tests because of the fear of it being positive. They’d rather not know. An American subculture group that I would like to do research on is Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is a group organized to help people stay sober and help alcoholics achieve sobriety. I am interested in this area because it is so common. Being a young adult, I am constantly surrounded by alcohol, whether it be casually or at a party or event. If I have a drink or two, I can stop myself at any point; others
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