Subcultures And Its Influence On Contemporary Society

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Historically, subcultures found its definition originating in the early 1800s, with examples such as bohemia and another example(ref). Whether subcultures still have an identifiable existence in today’s contemporary society is contentious pertaining to its difficulty in actual measurement. It is important to look from a historical perspective at the features that define a subculture, and gives it the unique identity that constitutes some discernible traits that differ from conventional society. This is to say that the traits that make the subculture are not singular in their form, for they can be both abstract and material. It is the intent of this essay to highlight such features and question if subcultures as a term, should still be applicable in contemporary society. From Teddy Boys, mods and rockers, hells angels to punks and even modern day terms for groups such as chavs, subcultures have throughout history attempted to identify themselves from what is considered societies definition of normal (ref).

This form of indifference against the majority agreed upon social construction of society, is expressed in a multitude of ways. The social constriction that minority groups feel in the respect of class stratification, cultural, political, and religious beliefs result in sense of being ostracized (ref). Through this constraint, the expression of subcultures emerges in the manifestation of unique socially constructed ideas and beliefs. This typically goes hand in hand with…
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