Subdomain 724.7 - Professional Roles & Values Delegation

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SUBDOMAIN 724.7 - PROFESSIONAL ROLES & VALUES 1 SUBDOMAIN 724.7 - PROFESSIONAL ROLES & VALUES Delegation Orchid Quiton Chefalo Western Governors University Nursing Program 11/11/2011 Revised 11/30/2011 12/10/2011 SUBDOMAIN 724.7 - PROFESSIONAL ROLES & VALUES 2 Delegation It takes a team approach to manage patient-care. As a FNP, and a provider for this patient, she could collaborate with other experts and delegate care of the patient. The nursing supervisor for the clinic can aid the FNP to identify her role in the best utilization of the…show more content…
The goals of appropriate delegation are “All decisions related to delegation and assignment are based on the fundamental principles of protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public” (ANA, NCSBN). If the FNP, in her nursing judgment, feels the care of the patient is better served at another facility that can provide certain services that her clinic cannot provide, and then it is appropriate and lawful to transfer care. The role of the nursing supervisor is to make sure the appropriate steps of the delegation process is within the practice guidelines; The “Five Rights of Delegation” (NCSNB, 1995). They are “right task, right circumstances, right person, right direction and communication, and right supervision and evaluation” (NCSBN, 1995). Therefore, nursing supervisor is still accountable for the delegation process even when the nurse may not have control of delegation: “The RN may delegate components of care but does not delegate the nursing process itself. The practice pervasive functions of assessment, planning, evaluation and nursing judgment cannot be

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