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SDENG3J Subject Didactics: ENGLISH Assignment ONE Student: Dirk Smith Student Number: 32634277 Academic Year: 2014 Module: SDENG3J INDEX Page Number 1. Question A 3 2. Question B 4 3. Question C 5 4. Question D 10 Bibliography 11 Appendix A – Self – evaluation 12 Appendix B – Passage 13 1. Question A – TEACHING CONTEXT I currently teach at an inner city private school. I teach English Home Language to Grades Ten, Eleven and Twelve. The school is relatively well – resourced and provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate learning. Classrooms are equipped with the sufficient number of desks and chairs. All learners and educators are issued with…show more content…
They are currently completing their secondary education and all hope to move on to tertiary education. All of the learners are sure to obtain a degree, but fear not procuring a job upon completion. Secondly, the text allows for the application and illustration of specific curriculum content prescribed by the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement for Home Languages. A good example of this is the identification of biased and stereotypical language and the intent it has or its impact on the reader. Thirdly, the article enables the teaching of the four skills and the application of the skills ( listening, reading, writing and grammar ) by learners. As a result this text, in the student’s opinion, will enable learners to observe and apply the necessary skills in order to “ influence their own destiny “ (Makina and Lephalala; 2012; 24) and to support the development of an internal locus of control – the text serves an academic purpose but also closely relates to the lives of the learners. To summarise the student’s choice of text, it illustrates the importance of language competence and proficiency and highlights the necessity for language to be correct, appropriate and fluent. Question C - LESSON PLAN Grade: 12 Duration: 80 minutes – TWO PERIODS Lesson Outcomes: * LISTENING and SPEAKING * Major OUTCOMES related to LISTENING and SPEAKING SKILLS * Draw Inferences based on TEXT * Reflect
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