Subjection Of The Woman By Gail Godwin

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Subjection of The Woman Gail Godwin’s “A Sorrowful Woman” represents the feminist thoughts of a woman oppressed by a male dominated society. In this society crated by Godwin, a woman’s role is as a homemaker, however the main character refuses to accept the role given to her. The woman withdrawals from her family and reality until she finally cannot handle it anymore and kills herself. Through the use of character development, Godwin is effectively able to shine light to how one could oppress a female through the hidden familial problems in what appears to be a happy marriage. Gail Godwin was raised by a divorced mother who influenced much of her writing. Her mother inspired her to write about strong female characters and the choices they made. As Godwin grew up, she began to write for the modern woman. Helene Cixous argues that a woman must write about female characters because only a woman can truly portray the subjection and oppression of another woman (Laugh of the Medusa). In a collection of short stories titled Dream Children, Godwin does just that by portraying several “modern women,” who try to escape the role of the housewife and mother. Godwin was a part of the second wave of feminism and was heavily influenced by Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique and other works from the first feminist movement which focused on a women’s right to work. Godwin was also heavily influenced by feminist beliefs that women should be equal to men, both at work and at home. These

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