Subjective And Accurate Process Based On The Management Manuals

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At the beginning, the authors stated that the employee appraisal is an objective, rational and accurate process based on the management manuals. However, the evidence also suggested that managers engage in such manipulation in an intentional and systematic manner. Normally, this relates to the executives’ political purposes. In order to understand this political motivated manipulation, they then interviewed with 60 upper-level executives who do lots of formal evaluation about their subordinates. Based on the interview, authors found out these facts about appraisal process: • Appraisals are a fact of organizational life. • It usually takes three or four hours to conduct it, but the results can impact the executives and their…show more content…
• Managers are political actors in the organization, and they try to control and influence the organization through internal political actions. • It determined that people attempt to protect their own interests when conflicting courses of action are possible. Hence, it is a bias or inaccuracy in employee appraisal. • Executives recognize and admit that political considerations always are part of their evaluation process, and accuracy is not the main concern form them because: 1. Executives have to interact with their subordinates day to day. 2. Executives are also very cognizant of the permanence of the written document because the file would follow the person’s whole career. 3. The formal appraisal is related to the career, advancement, and compensation in the organization. 4. The money is likely the main reason that ratings will be manipulated. 5. Mangers sometimes inflate ratings to increase the payment and keep their employees happy and motivated. 6. Performance appraisal could also increase the expenditures to an organization. • Several factors can influence on political culture in the performance appraisal process: 1. How seriously do organizations view the formal appraisal process could be a factor. 2. How many high level executives in the same organization use political factors during the performance appraisal process. 3. The economic health and growth of the organization could also affect the organizations’ culture. 4. Executives’ beliefs
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