Subjective vs. Objective News

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Subjective vs. Objective News I believe that Bill’s model for the future of news reporting will better serve my search for actionable information. The issue I see with Glenn’s model for the future of journalism is that if opinionated news were to become the majority of news consumed many would take action based on the thoughts and/or ideas of the writer more than the actual evidence provided in the article. I am equipped now with the knowledge of deconstructing news media thanks to News Literacy but we cannot expect every news consumer to be able to distinguish the difference between opinionated journalism and objective journalism. I do agree with Bill that Glenn’s model of the future of news reporting holds an activist setting. But I also agree with Glenn that all Journalism is a form of activism. My opinion is that objective journalism is a lighter form of activism. What I am trying to say is that if a news consumer were to read objective journalism they would come up with their own set of ideas that weren’t inspired by the writer’s own thoughts. Which would give them the ability to take action based on their own reasoning. I personally do not believe that opinionated news should become the future of journalism. The news consumer should be able to decide which side they lean on if all the evidence is provided in the story. So I do agree with Bill Keller in the fact that if a journalist wants to write a subjective article they should reposition their article in the
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