Subjugation Of Women In The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck

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It is not an unknown topic that men are seen to be higher-ranking or superior than women in society, in history and even today. Women can be considered weak or less intelligent than men; they have a lower pay rate and are not taken seriously in the work place. In some countries, women are not allowed to drive or own their own property or house. They are forced to cover themselves from head to toe by their husband or father. The issue of subjugation of women all over the world, from the past and the present, is one important theme delivered in The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. The principal character in the novel, Wang Lung, starts out as a poor farmer living in Ancient China who gained his wealth from his land. His wife O-lan is one of the many female characters who are treated poorly and are held in lower status than men by not only Wang Lung, but other men and all of society.
To start with, O-lan, Wang Lung’s wife, was a very selfless, quiet, hardworking woman who was a house slave in the House of Hwang, a very rich powerful family. Wang Lung then married her and she lived on his farm. It is overlooked by Wang Lung throughout the novel how much she has done for him and their family. Before Wang Lung met O-lan, he wanted a wife that will act like a servant and will deprive him of any responsibilities, and that is exactly what he got. She cleaned the house, took care of Wang Lung’s father and the children, and worked in the fields as well. She is, however, the only positive
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