Sublette School: Student Analysis

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I am only thirteen, yet I am already giving a speech. I live in a minute town slapped roughly between two even smaller towns. I am a resident in one of the most flat, and dusty states that looks like a rectangle with a bite ripped out of it. Half of our population is just hostile winds, and the other half of it is people, which some of them haven’t even seen a skyscraper. I’m not one of the smartest humans in this room, but I am credible. I have gone to the Sublette school system since Preschool up until 8th grade, and have been in a multitude of classes. What can some random girl from 8th grade offer you? I can gift you with my comments, and opinions, tied neatly with a bow of humor. I may lack adulthood, but I do have plenty of sarcasm,…show more content…
Sending someone to a dull building for seven hours every single day except for saturday, and sunday, leaving them trapped and confined into a routine with the same exact teachers who shove knowledge down your throats every minute second isn’t exactly something you wish for, or want to happen. Plenty of students I know actually believe that their education isn’t worth anything, and think that every time that they come here to this brick building, their life is slowly getting drained as teachers and professors lynch them of their freedom and creativity. Some of you may be agreeing with me right now. These well-known thoughts are all facades masking the motive, and truth that an education…show more content…
A place where people are highly segregated into groups, such as the nerds, goths, jocks, hipsters, and so on. School is a place where vandalism happens in the bathroom, and kids are stuffed into lockers. School is a place where trash litters the floor, and people turn on each other in mere seconds. Through my years of learning, have I ever been shoved to the ground with tons of books in my hands? Have I ever been threatened by another peer for my money? Do I look like I’ve been bullied harshly before? Are my arms covered in bruises, are there tears in my eyes? Does anyone in this room seem similar to that
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