Subliminal Advertising Conspiracy Theory Essay

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Digital Television and Subliminal Advertising Conspiracy Theory Television is an electronic telecommunication device that transmits pictures and sounds. Since its inception and release into society, the Television has grown to become extremely popular. The undying devotion to this medium has helped shape many aspects of human life. It has become a tool for education and entertainment. Businesses have found an efficient means to access the wider public through advertising. Advertising is a paid form of publicity aimed at a large audience by businesses with a view to increasing sales. Advertisements, unlike propaganda, have clearly stated sponsors. Through advertising, businesses can communicate with the user of their goods and services. The television allowed for the exponential expansion of advertisement. While older media is still used for advertising, Television’s ability to transmit moving picture and sound put it well above print media and radio (Messaris 2) The competitive nature of business resulted in the imaginative use of advertisements. They could incorporate items, events and people that resonated well with their target market to boost sales. This led to the rethink and expansion of the advertising industry. It now consists of the businesses that need to advertise, agencies that create them; involving visualizes, designers, production managers, researchers and actors, and the media that transmits the adverts. A sizeable portion of many businesses’ funds is

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