Subliminal Advertising Essay

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Subliminal Advertising There is no doubt that advertising plays a monumental role in today’s society. In an article related to advertising Marshal McLuhan was quoted as saying ‘“The continuous pressure is to create ads more and more in the image of audience motives and desires”’(Fowles 658). To achieve success in advertising, a company must pull at the consumers’ psyche long enough so they will stop and look at the product being displayed. To be at the top, advertisers need to go above and beyond, which can sometimes lead to deceitful practices. By definition subliminal messaging is a signal or message embedded in another message, designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. These messages are unapparent to the conscious…show more content…
No human being lives outside of culture”’ (Kilbourne 10). Women are made to feel that if they purchase a certain product, they will look younger, have a more youthful glow, take ten pounds off, or whatever that certain product is promising at the time. Kids are made to believe through subliminal messaging that they need the certain toy, the new shoes or the ever popular video game. Sadly these are only a few examples of how advertising has lead people to believe that the basic needs are more than food, water and shelter. Everyone needs so much more now. Wilson Bryan Key, a professor at the former Western Ontario University, wrote many books on subliminal messages and advertising. Key believed that there are many hidden messages from movie boxes to magazine ads and that a majority of the messages are imbedded with sexual connotations. Key believed that the sexual tones aimed at the unconscious mind made the products more desirable to consumers. While many disagree with Key’s ideas, the fact remains that many products were pulled off of the market due to the sexual messages being discovered and offending consumers. The well known instance of this is when Pepsi introduced the “Cool Can” design in 1990 (Claims 2). When the cans were stacked on shelves, the word sex would pop out from the new design. After protest Pepsi decided to withdraw the design. There is also plenty of controversy regarding the subliminal messages
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