Subliminal Messages And Subliminal Stimuli

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Every time that you see a billboard while driving down the road, a commercial during your favorite regularly scheduled programing, or even advertisements that pop up while you are surfing the web; you are unconsciously being bombarded by subliminal advertisements and there is a good chance that you have never even noticed. Subliminal stimuli are found in numerous arrangements, and effects, which lead to your subconscious taking in many of the subliminal advertising tactics that marketers use; and it is essential for you to realize how it can, or already has, affected you. Subliminal Stimuli in Advertising Subliminal stimuli can be found spread all about our daily lives; and some may even find the use of subliminal advertising as being…show more content…
A good way to look at your subconscious is like the gas in your car that you drive. You obviously know that there is gas in your car thanks to the fuel gauge and the fact that you physically pumped and paid for it at the gas station; but when you turn the key and start your car you cannot see the gas functioning to power the vehicle, and you don’t really think about everything that it does to make your car function while on your way down the road. A subliminal stimulus is found in this subconscious section of our mind because they operate below the invisible line of what you are presently aware of and are able to interpret by your subconscious (Biology Online, 2014). The first understanding that there may be something other than our conscious that could influence us came from a man named Sir Francis Galton in 1879. This belief would latter go on to inspire much of Freud’s theories of human behavior like the Freudian Slip, a time when unconscious though gets blurted out during inappropriate circumstances (Gazzaniga, 2016). Since Galton and Freud take on our subconscious we have advanced further to realize the term subliminal advertising. This term first began during the 1970s and is described as "the arrangements of words, pictures, and shapes
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