Subliminal Perception

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| Subliminal Perception | Term Paper | | Introduction: “If the grace of God miraculously operates, it probably operates through the subliminal door” William James, American philosopher and psychologist. As the quote suggested we cannot see god’s ability on our life still we believe in miraculous ability of god operation, so the quote says the miraculous ability of the god is through the subliminal door which is below the level of awareness. Another example that can be taken from our daily life for subliminal perception is when you are in your classroom in a break time where everybody is talking but you are talking to your bench friend and listening carefully to him/her, you can still hear other classmates who are…show more content…
In Study 2, galvanic skin response (GSR) measurements were taken on 36 undergraduates while they viewed both versions (with and without embeds) of 2 ads. Results indicate that embedding was effective in increasing GSR measurements for the version of the ads with embeds. Results of both studies suggest that the use of sexual embeds in magazine advertisements influences viewers ' evaluations of the ads. (Kilbourne,W.E.,Painton,S. and Ridley,1985,p. 48) When the unconscious part of us feels the need then the conscious perceives the need for the product, or becomes aware of the product and thus we desire for the product. Also from a survey of American consumers found that almost two thirds believe in the existence of subliminal advertising and more than one-half are convinced that this technique can get them to buy things they do not really want. ( R.Solomon, Michael (2012) ) Subliminal messages can influence people under very specific conditions though this technique is not suitable for in most marketing conditions. The level of threshold varies in a wide range from people to people what might be below the level of threshold to one person might not be the same level of threshold to the other. And even if the subliminal perception arises it hits only the minimum and basic level of desire. Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that people initiate their behaviors on consuming on the basis of subliminal perception.
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