Subsidized Child Care Case Study

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Normal rage of child care cost around my area is 250 per week. But if person have an infant then I assume that they need to pay some extra $50 dollars. So parents who want to put his/ her infant child in daycare has to pay $1200 per month. 2). Minimum wage of Texas is $7.25 where single parent makes 290 per week and 1160 per months. If gross income of month is $1160 what will be after tax deduction. 3). If you are a single parent and makes 1160 per month, then you are left out with amount of 160 for rest of expenses you need to make such as rent, food, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses per month. However, if you are single parent with infant child then your monthly income is not even sufficient to put your infant child in child care. 1)…show more content…
The question(s) asked by assigned theory ask in examining any social issue or topic are as follow: a). How does Subsidized childcare contribute to overall stability of a society? b). What function does it serve for order and stability? 2). The level of analysis of our assigned theory: Marco sociology 3). Name of a theorist associate with our assigned theory: Emile
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