Subsistence Agriculture vs. Industrial-Style Animal Farming

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Contrast subsistence agriculture and industrial-style animal farming. Subsistence farming is the most basic of farming methods where a small plot of land is cultivated by an individual, a family or a community just to feed their hungry mouths. All the produce is consumed by the family and not intended for sale outside. The experts believe that this kind of farming is almost primeval and needs to change quickly to the industrialized mode all over the world, if abject poverty and famine are to be eradicated. Several factors have worked against the success of implementation, and they are not only technology related, but social, educational, economic, and political, as well. Many feminist voices have however, preferred to support the existing method of subsistence farming for the harmony and relationship that it fostered among the people, with an argument that human relationships, ecology and togetherness are more important than wealth (Shiva, 1989). In this perspective, subsistence farming does not contribute to economic growth or capital accumulation or even labor specialization. Since funds are limited to buy chemical fertilizers, most produce are organic and genetically modified seeds are never used here (Roosevelt, 2007, Wright, 2007). You will learn from history that subsistence farming existed in Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central America. Over the years; take the example of British colonized Kenya. Many subsistence farmers in Kenya where pushed

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