Substance Abue Scenarios

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Madeline, I like your discussion board. Your discussion board is very interested . The interested thing that you stated in your discussion board is many people will deny substance abuse and not seek the treatment they need because they don’t want to embarrass or bring shame to their families or communities (Your discussion board, 2017). Many people feel embarrass to attend substance abuse treatment due to thinking about what others will think of them. For example; I am a home base case worker , and I deal with many clients who suffer from substance abuse issues. I always tell the client s that they should seek treatment in order for their children to be reunify with them, and the clients either deny attending or runaway from the center and continue to use. Some of the reasons why my clients stated that they will not attend substance abuse treatment because they afraid or embarrass to attend.…show more content…
In contrasting both of our articles, you discussed that Muslim has a high drug use of opiate in Muslim culture. In my article, African Americans has a high use of cocaine (SAMHSA, 2013). Reference United States , Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. (2013, February 19). Non-Hispanic Black Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions for Cocaine Decreased from 2000 to 2010. Retrieved August 10, 2017, from
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