Substance Abuse : A Growing Problem For College Students

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Substance abuse is a growing problem for college students. The effects of this problem are felt by millions of individuals, families, schools, and communities. Substance abuse affects many domains of a person’s life including mental functioning, physical health, psychological well-being, social structure, employment, and academic endeavors. The need for trained professionals who can prevent, identify, and treat problems associated with drug use is also at an all-time high. This paper reveals the growing problem of substance abuse among college students and the implications for the individual and society. Specific risk factors are examined as well as how to implement proper drug screening for professionals working with college students. Also included in this paper are prevention strategies targeted at young adults. A variety of substance abuse interventions and treatment programs appropriate for college students are discussed and evaluated. Introduction Substance abuse is described as the ingesting of a legal or illegal substance in order to produce a desired physical and/or psychological effect for reasons other than medical and despite certain risks and negative consequences (Du Plessis, 2010). Substance abuse is an ever growing problem for college students in the United States. It is an issue that plagues young adults, families, communities, schools, and the economy.
Substance abuse in college students is a condition that affects the mental, emotional,…

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