Substance Abuse : Alcohol Addiction

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Substance Abuse: Alcohol Addiction S15107273

In my essay I will be conversing about a contemporary issue; Alcohol abuse and the implications for the individuals and for society. Alcohol is a drug also classified as a depressant that slows down dynamic functions that results in slow reactions, less concentration and distressed observations. Alcohol dependence is referred to as a chronic disease allied with excessive and habitual use of alcohol. Alcohol dependence comprises of four symptoms; craving, loss of control, physical dependence such as nausea, anxiety or sweating and finally tolerance. Alcohol affects individuals in many different ways such as inability to work, socialise and destructive behaviours for instance rash driving. Alcoholism fails to accomplish key role obligations at school, work or in the home and family. In the US it has been predicted that 9,700,000 children 17 or younger were living with an adult diagnosed with alcohol addiction in 2005. Drinking alcohol whilst pregnant, leads to risk of miscarriage or physical mental health of child being damaged. High alcohol consumption during pregnancy may affect the developing embryo. Brain Neurotransmission, liver cirrhosis, major nutritional problems are other ways alcohol can affect an individual. Alcohol does not only affect an individual it also affects the society. Alcohol kills more youngsters than any other drug as it edges towards homicide, rape and accidents. A study supported rape as an implication…
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