Substance Abuse And A Growing Concern Worldwide

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Introduction Personality traits are consistent cognitive and behavioural patterns that are often thought to be unchanging and causal. While this has been the common understanding of personality traits, recent research has begun to show that these traits are actually influenced more by the environment and are constantly changing and shifting. (Magidson, Roberts, Collado-Rodriguez, & Lejuez, 2014; Staiger, Kambouropoulos, & Dawe, 2007) Further research has also indicated that these traits have the potential to be altered or modified by different interventions. (Magidson, et al., 2014) Although the field of research regarding personality is quite diverse unfortunately the number of studies examining how it relates to substance abuse is quite limited. (Staiger, et al., 2007) Substance abuse continues to be a growing concern worldwide, it affects people from all cultures and all class levels and places added strain on health care systems, law enforcement, social agencies, and legal services. (Terracciano, Löckhenhoff, Crum, Bienvenu, & Costa Jr., 2008) The majority of research available concerning substance abuse and personality traits focuses on identifying the specific traits that could be risk factors for substance abuse in general, or the specific traits involved in drug selection. The results of these studies have been fairly consistent, although few predictable patterns have been identified. (Milivojevic, Milovanovic, Jovanovic, Svrakic, Svrakic, Svrakic, & Cloninger, 2012)

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