Substance Abuse And Addiction : A Meta Analysis

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that is primarily dependent of substance tends to affect an individual both physically and psychologically. When reformed, dependency settles in where abuser may have trouble living everyday life without substance sustaining abuser to tolerate the remainder of the day. In the journal article Deficits in Behavioral Inhibition in Substance Abuse and Addiction: A meta-analysis authors Smith, Mattick, Jamadar, Iredale stated “The results are generally consistent with the view that substance use disorders and addictionlike behavioral disorders are associated with impairments in inhibitory control. Implications for treatment of substance use are discussed, along with suggestions for future research arising from the limitations of the extant…show more content…
During this period user beings to see some changes in their appearance and mental compacity that has been deteriorating through both heavy doses and frequent usage of substance. In the journal article Risk Factors for substance Misuse and Adolescents’ Symptoms of Depression authors Siennick, Widdowson, Woessner Feinberg, & Spoth stated “When adolescents in control school districts had more symptoms of depression, they believed more strongly that substance use had social benefits, perceived higher levels of substance misuse among their peers and friends, and had more friends who misused substances, although they were not more likely to use substances themselves. Many of the positive associations of depressive symptoms with peer-related risk factors were significantly weaker or not present among adolescents in intervention school districts” (2016). Influential peer-related substance abuse is also a reasoning for association of substance following misuse and abuse, social benefits is viewed as an advantage for increased peer relation. Study expressed the negative consequences within the substance abuse due to social benefits, substance abuse can be linked to depression symptoms in adolescents who misused substances.
Physical Effects
Misusers of substances are in physical risks due
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