Substance Abuse And Alcohol Abuse

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A. Personally, I think that the biggest social issue in today’s society is substance abuse. Substance abuse is a dependence on an addictive substance, such as alcohol or drugs. These addictive substances can have very serious effects and come with risky consequences when using. Using and abusing substances can lead to both short and long term effects to your health. Short term effects can include increased heart rate, tremors, mood changes and dizziness. In high dosages the effects can be even greater and last long term, long term effects can be heart attacks, strokes and potential coma. I think that substance abuse is such a big issue today because the number of users is dramatically increasing as time goes on, we are unable to get control over this horrible social issue. I truly believe that almost every community in America is affected by substance abuse and/or addiction. Substance abuse can also lead to other major social problems, such as drunk driving, violence, stress and abuse. Substance abuse is such a major problem when it comes to public health and safety.
B. Currently, views about drug abuse and dependence have gotten to be a much more complex problem regarding treatment programs. I think that implementing some sort of treatment plan or therapy may be the first step to recovery. However, there are multiple steps that go into what may seem like a simple plan. These treatment plans will include engagement, assessment, multiple system approach to individualized…
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