Substance Abuse And Drug Therapy

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A person who has a substance abuse and a mental health disorder are identified as having a co-occurring disorder. Patients with substance use and mental health share common ground, because they hold the philosophy that treatment of chronic illness requires a long-term approach in which stabilization, education, and self-management are central (Drake, Mercer-McFadden, Mueser, McHugo, & Bond, 2016, p. 589). A counselor can help give resources (NA meetings being available in their community) as well as skills needed to help one not to relapse. Cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling, and other therapy approaches can help people recovering from addiction stay clean ("counseling," 2017, para. 2). Psychotherapy can also treat the other…show more content…
This caused for the addict to use drugs more, even though their depression was being treated. All illnesses must be treated together, or the person will not be successful with recovery/treatment. Around the 1980s, however, researchers and medical professionals began studying the ways that addiction and mental health issues interacted with each other ("Addiction," 2014, para. 3). A survey from 1989 suggests an even higher connection between mental disorders and smoking addiction, with more than 70% of all respondents listing that they have both a mental health issue and a smoking addiction ("Addiction," 2014, para. 3). Integrated treatment must be facilitated for those with COD, this will provide the proper treatment needed. After these disorders have been identified then they can get treatment for substance abuse as well as counseling for their mental health diagnosis. Counseling Services across the Continuum Unity Point Health NewStart Substance Abuse Treatment Center is an acute hospital located in Madison, Wisconsin. NewStart provides confidential, caring treatment to adults and adolescents. NewStart's team of experts; physicians, physician assistants and nurses develop individual treatment plans for each person and family ( They also use community resources to strengthen their treatment program. They offer
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