Substance Abuse And Substance Use Disorder

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According to the Diagnostic Statistic Manual 5 (DSM-5) substance use disorder is when the individual has a dependency on alcohol or drug, followed by penetrating craving and antisocial behavior to acquire the substance. The terms substance abuse and substance dependence refer to substance use disorder, which has been separated into three classifications as follows 1. Moderate Drinking the Dietary Guideline says 1 drink a day by women and 2 drinks for men. 2. Binge Drinking 5 or more alcoholic drink during the same occasion on 1 day within the past month. However the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states the pattern of drinking by which your blood alcohol concentration is above 0.07g/dl, 4 drinks for women, and 5 for men over a 180 minute period. 3. Heavy Drinking 5 or more drinks daily in the past month (SAMHSA, 2014) To be diagnose with substance use disorder the person will have the following symptoms that has occurred during a 1 year period. The inability to manage key obligations at home not paying mortgages and bills, work not showing up or missing important deadline or school not going. Driving while under the influence which could cause physical harm and hazard to yourself and others, social and personal issues because of substance use, legal problems because of substance use disorder. The identifying difference in the DSM-5 criteria for substance use disorder would be the 2-3 out of the 11 symptoms is Mild, 4-5 is classified as moderate, and
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