Substance Abuse And The Degradation Of Adolescent Society

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Steve Beaubrun
Professor Pinderhughes
Sociology 101-011
Substance Abuse and the Degradation of Adolescent Society in Colorado
After reviewing the drug abuse rates of the United States. I have chosen Colorado to be my prime topic of concern. This essay will explore the reasons why adolescents abuse substances in Colorado, the most popular substances and the how they’re acquired, how they affect the teenage demographic/society (school, and house), how this has been dealt with in the future.
Obviously drugs and alcohol have been around for centuries, but they way they are used today pale in comparison to how they were used a couple of decades ago. Originally drugs and alcohol were used utilized for antibacterial or medicinal reasons and were treated with respect. However, as the years passed people discovered that drugs and alcohol could be used to make their problems "disappear." Thus leading to a long line of recreational drug use. Although the question "why people use recreationally?" still exists.
There are many factors that contribute to why people use drugs for recreation one of the most important ones would be how they were first introduced to drugs in the first place. For example a child witnessing their parent using drugs. Children don’t know any better and learn by mimicking, so growing up and seeing this kind of behavior would clearly leave an imprint in the child 's head telling them that it 's acceptable and safe to shadow their parent 's actions.

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