Substance Abuse At The Pennsylvania National Guard

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Substance abuse is a recurring problem in the military. The USA Today news article; “Ex-soldier Returns to Fight Substance Abuse in Military” talks about Frank L. Greenagel Jr., who opened up a counseling center for substance abuse. He also served in the military and agreed that there are many individuals who are dealing with substance addiction while serving the country. It is clear that these individuals need help before things could potentially become fatal. In the article, Greenagel discusses how one of the major addictions in the military are prescription drugs and how he helps soldiers through the recovery process. His main goal is to spread awareness and to make military officials understand how big of an issue drugs really are and how they can work towards a resolution. He is currently working at the Pennsylvania National Guard as a behavioral health officer to help soldiers with substance abuse. “He wants to guide soldiers through recovery and help shape military policy to address what he views as a "massive problem" (Racioppi, 2014). Greenagel was formerly a high school teacher and he learned that one of his former students who served in the marines became wounded and became addicted to the painkillers that were prescribed to him. The addictions soon lead him to the usage of heroin. Greenagel helped him get treatment by sending him to a recovery house and was able to turn his life around. Greenagel states that it is frightening to see statistics that show how

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