Substance Abuse / Chemical Dependency Taught By Professor Lee

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False Alcohol Advertisement
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Elizabeth Balderas
Southwestern Christian University

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SOCL 4273 Substance Abuse/ Chemical Dependency taught by Professor Lee
The study of adolescent alcohol dependency is a growing field and offers both captivating and alarming discoveries because more and more younger children are depending on alcohol to function on a daily basis. You would be surprised to know how many young individuals are now dependent on alcohol because of the false advertisement that happens through television commercials and through social influences that surround these
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There are those hardheaded individuals who think that in order to “fit” in with the “big dogs” they have to follow the crowd. Most of the time underclassmen are influenced by fellow upperclassmen that abuse of alcohol because now these young folks want to experience that sensation that they hear upperclassmen talk about when they use alcohol. This makes freshman drink in order to fit in and have something to talk about in this new experience they are having with college. Even though American society may not have the greatest alcohol rates in college students, it is still a great issue in the United States. When you hear the word alcoholic you tend to imagine an older individual right, someone who may not have a job so is out in the streets filthy as can be with the worst breath ever and frizzy hair? Well in recent times now this is not they case because we see so many younger folks abusing of it with no limitations on whether it is right or wrong. We always have that perception of people, because if we can imagine that individual looking like that then that is truly what they will look like. What we do not realize is that alcohol advertisement has a negative impact on younger individuals and so they begin abusing it at a very young age. Alcohol abuse comes from all sorts of social classes, sexes, races, and circumstances and there are no limitations as to how folks mistreat
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