Substance Abuse Counselor For A Non Profit Organization

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Like most parent, Nyeusi mother wanted the best for her children as a young girl Nyeusi and her brothers where sent to America to live with their aunt to get a better education and to flee the hardships of their home area Montagu, South Africa. As a teenager, Nyeusi realized working with people and helping them was a “gift.” “I enjoy working with many types of people, I can speak with anyone I feel it’s a gift and not a developed skill.” (HeKima, 2015). Nyeusi lives and works in North Carolina as a Substance Abuse Counselor for a non-profit organization. She holds in a master 's in psychology and a master’s in social work. The main goal with speaking with her was to understand the workings of a person that is working in the field of psychology with a masters or bachelor’s degree and is satisfied with the choices made. When ask the question to a young person what do you want to be when you grow up? We find many people have decided on a career path early in life general keep to it by knowing and having a distinct path for their career will positively lead to a filling working life. (Academia, 2015) Nyeusi is no exception when asked when did you know psychology was your field of interest? “Oh I knew when I was a baby, young 9 or 10. I wanted to help people and the best part I could keep secrets. I did not know the term for it put I knew I wanted to be like the Doctors in the movies where the people would lay down on the couch and tell the doctor all their problems and the

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