Substance Abuse During Pregnancy?

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Substance abuse during pregnancy can range in variation from prescription drugs to non-prescription drugs to even alcohol. Substance abuse is more common during pregnancy than most people realize. This type of abuse is more common amongst pregnant women. Most the time substance abuse is hard to find in women. Pregnant women who go through substance abuse usually don’t seek any medical help. If an expecting mother uses any kind of drug it can result in many complications. Some complications that are a result of substance abuse include: stillbirths, miscarriages, premature labor and even complications that can affect the child later on in life. Pregnant women who also give birth to children addicted to drugs can face a wide variety of consequences. “Street drugs” also known as, cocaine, heroin and methadone can make a baby not respond to their mothers. Signs include irritability and jitters in babies. The use of cocaine can lead to the sudden death from infant death syndrome or “SIDS”. The use of cocaine can cause miscarriages, preterm birth, fetal deaths and fetal strokes. The majority of infants born to heroin-dependent mothers exhibit some signs of addiction, with up to 75% showing clinical signs of withdrawal within the first 48 hours after birth (Thorp 2008). Methadone, along with producing fetal dependence and withdrawal in the majority of exposed infants, is associated with higher rates of neonatal morbidity and mortality, yet the average birth weight for…
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