Substance Abuse During The Medical Profession

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In many places around the world substance abuse has become a frequent issue. Many people may not be aware of substance abuse in nurses, from prescription drugs to alcohol and even cigarettes. Abuse from nurses poses a new challenge to the profession due to their jobs as caretakers and their access to controlled substances. It is a perplexing thought that people whose profession is to care for other don’t do the same for themselves. Nurses do in fact have stressful jobs, however, it is certainly unexpected that nurses interact with substance abuse patients and continue to abuse themselves. Therefore, one would think nurses of all people. would know how damaging certain substances can be to the body. Patients are more likely to be influenced by the actions of their caretakers, being their beacon of health and care. It is crucial for nurses to be aware of the drug abuse that occurs within their profession. The negative behavioral impacts of substance abuse disorder is far spreading and greatly impacts the safe and trusted care that nurses give. Drug addiction in the medical profession can have different aspects than addiction with most everyday people. Nurses, being part of the medical profession, do not have an adequate amount of medical research done on the abuse related to their line of work. The silent environment that surrounds abuse in the occupation of nursing can begin with looking into the general population’s substance abuse problems. One of the substances that are
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