Substance Abuse, Gary L. Fisher And Thomas C. Harrison Define Addiction

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The habit that I choose to give up for the nine weeks that this project entailed was biting my fingernails. I have had this habit ever since I was a little girl and was never able to give it up when I have tried to in the past. I choose this as what I wanted to give up for the assignment because I knew that it would be hard for me but also extremely rewarding in the end when I would hopefully be able to quit biting my nails. This was a really good experience for me because it showed me the struggles of giving something up that I was so used to and also how rewarding it feels when you follow through and do something great for yourself. I’m not going to lie, this experience was extremely difficult for myself. I do not have very good…show more content…
So even though the consequence weren’t as impactful as those from drug and alcohol abuse, it did affect me personally and I couldn’t stop biting them because it felt so odd for me not to. Throughout the experience, I had a lot of struggles trying to stick with it and not slip. I did have a few slips but after each one I got right back at it and did better each time then I did before the slip. Whenever I did slip I caught myself in a situation where I was either very stressed out about something or I was just extremely bored. The few times that I caught myself biting them was when I was doing some sort of tedious task like sitting through a lecture, doing homework, driving, watching television, or when I was really stressed out about an approaching deadline on an assignment. I learned to handle this by occupying my time with things to do but also learning better time management so I wasn’t stressed out by situations that came upon me. I would plan out my days so that I had things to do and was also getting things done in a timely manner so that everything didn’t just pile up for the weekend. This tactic helped me so much to not bite them. Another strategy that I used was to always keep my nails nicely trimmed. I used to bite them when they would get too long because the length would be extremely irritating to me. Whenever they would get long, I wouldn’t trim
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