Substance Abuse Is A National Public Health Burden Essay

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Substance abuse is a national public health burden that has significantly increased the rate of disability and mortality worldwide (Azizi, Borjali, & Golzari; 2010; Wheeler, 2014; Wu, 2010). In fact, the most recent Global Burden of Disease Report estimated that almost twelve million people, who abused drugs, had moderate to severe disability (Wu, 2010). With regard to physical health, legal issues, social relationships, and occupational functioning, substance abuse affects all aspects of the individual 's life (Azizi et al., 2010; Wu, 2010). Economically, substance abuse is a financial burden, which accounts for up to 3.3% of the health care cost and more than 6.4% of the safety costs (Wheeler, 2014). To address this problem, many treatment centers use a comprehensive approach for drug abuse treatment (Wheeler, 2014). Among the different treatment options, behavior therapy and counseling is one of the chief components in the patient 's treatment plan (Wheeler, 2014). Based on current evidence, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), first developed for patients with borderline personality disorder, is as an effective therapeutic approach for individuals with substance abuse problems (Bornovalova et al., 2012; Gratz, Daughters, Hunt, & Lejuez, 2012; Ӧzdel, & Ekinci, 2014). Therefore, the purpose of my paper is threefold: 1) review current literature about the effects of distress tolerance (DT) in substance abuse; 2) briefly discuss the efficacy of DBT in improving DT
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