Substance Abuse Is An Addiction

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Substance abuse is an addiction and it is the addition, which is referred to a chronic disease. It is this chronic disease that is a significant and growing issue, especially among family units where either one or two parents and/or parental guardians suffer from. Despite the various and complex reasons that cause the parents or parental guardians to abuse substances, it is their children who suffer thus, significantly affecting the parent/parental guardian and child bonding relationship. It is this bonding relationship when compromised that negatively affects the child’s overall socio-emotional and psychological well-being, as well as times when there are physical risk factors such as abuse, neglect, or mistreatment (Johnson, 2015). According to a study by
Connors-Burrow et al. (2009), there were approximately 5.1% number of children living with parents of substance dependence and the remaining percentage living with parents of substance misuse (Conners-Burrow et al., 2013). It is this percentage of children whose normal development has been interrupted by the substance abuse and with the appropriate and supportive interventions, these children can obtain a feeling of acceptance and attachment security to their parents/parental guardians. (Where is your thesis?)
Problem Area
The fact is that more than 8.3 million children ranging from infancy to eighteen years old live in a family unit where either the parents or parental guardians are substance abusers, as
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