Substance Abuse Of Alcoholic Drinks In The UK

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“The number of alcohol consumers in the UK has increased substantially over the last century. Around 40 million British adults regularly consume alcoholic drinks and while many do so moderately, about 25% exceed Department of Health guidelines” ("› Tackling alcohol misuse: why the dental team should help | British Dental Health Foundation", 2016.) As a result, oral health problems are very common in those who consume high amounts of alcohol and therefore, DCP’S will face a greater burden. Alcohol contributes in tooth decay due to the fact that alcoholic drinks have a high amount of sugar, and regular consumption will cause demineralization of the tooth, deteriorating the enamel surface. Alcohol abuse can also reduce the saliva in the mouth, causing the mouth to become dry, making the teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.…show more content…
("The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Teeth", 2012.) For those who have an alcohol misuse problem, maintaining an adequate level of oral hygiene is often forgotten due to the affect of their addiction. Additionally, if they experience pain associated with their mouth, they may ignore it and self medicate the problem with alcohol or drugs which only worsens the problem ("Effect of Substance Abuse on Oral Health", 2016.) Patients should be advised to brush twice daily, with fluoride tooth paste/ mouthwash and a healthy diet with reduced sugar
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