Substance Abuse

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1 This issue troubles me every time, even when I try not to think about it, and turn my mind away from it. Addiction is not what just happened, it takes time, creep in slowly without you knowing you getting addicted to it. Most times people don’t know they getting addicted to something, I believe everybody is addicted to something, I sometimes call love addiction because when you love somebody you will always want to be with that person. My immediate elder brother started smoking cigarette at age 17, and start smoking marijuana at age 19, and…show more content…
I grow up in a big family, in a rough neighborhood. Almost 20 boys in and out of my house every day, most of them thugs, and they are all gang member.

They should be a program in poor neighborhood for kids and adult to tell them about them about their neighborhood, and the values. People won’t respect or care for what they don’t know, parent should learn to see their kids and as their kids and not their friends or buddies. Gang members claim neighborhoods saying is for the red or for blue side, because they don’t know the real value of the neighborhood and nobody tell them.
Illegal drugs have been around “since the 19th century when Americans first discovered new wonder drugs like morphine, heroin, and cocaine, our society has confronted the problem of drug abuse and addiction.

When the 20th century began, the United States--grappling with its first drug epidemic--gradually instituted effective restrictions: at home through domestic law enforcement and overseas by spearheading a world movement to limit opium and coca crops. By World War II, American drug use had become so rare; it was seen as a marginal social problem. The first epidemic was forgotten.
During the 1960s, drugs like marijuana, amphetamines, and psychedelics came on the scene, and a new generation embraced drugs. With the drug culture exploding, our government developed new laws
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