Essay about Substance Abuse Recovery

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Despite the higher cost, a high-end substance abuse treatment center does not constitute better treatment. The support of therapists, counselors, family, friends, and peers can all be important factors in the recovery process. The most significant factor for an individual in the recovery process is a desire and a willingness to change. Many options exist for individuals that want to recover from addiction. These options include substance abuse rehabilitation centers and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery. These programs all have the same goal but use different techniques that at times even contradict other programs. Although the approach of the programs may vary, they have all been proven to work for certain…show more content…
Many reformed addicts also believe they are no longer in recovery from addiction and they simply just quit. The beliefs of the twelve-step program may not appeal to everyone but the key to the program is recognizing a problem and taking the steps to correct it.
SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a nonprofit support group that was founded in 1994 (cite). Whereas the twelve-step program views addiction as a disease, SMART Recovery takes the cognitive approach that addiction is a behavior that has been learned (cite). The twelve-step program and SMART Recovery also contradict each other on how long an individual must be in recovery. Because SMART Recovery views addiction as a learned behavior, the program teaches that the same behavior can be unlearned. Once the behavior has been unlearned an individual may graduate the program and no longer needs to attend support group meetings. SMART Recovery focuses its treatment on what it calls the Four-Point Program: Enhancing and Maintaining Motivation, Coping with Urges, Problem Solving, and Lifestyle Balance (cite). The scientific approach used by SMART Recovery can be very appealing to those that may not feel comfortable with the twelve-step model. SMART Recovery has become successful because it focuses on the initial desire of changing the behavior and teaches ways of following through to recovery.
The most intensive type of substance abuse treatment is through in-patient rehabilitation centers.
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