Substance Abuse - Social Pandemic

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As the use of illegal drugs and alcohol continues, substance abuse across America has become a very serious social problem. It is mental illness that has an effect on different races, classes and genders. The affects of substance abuse has caused countless of people to feel heartache and develop feelings of hopelessness. With alcohol and drugs readily available through prescription or on the streets (Butler,2010), it is obvious why many are acquiring addictive patterns to these accessible substances, and that the continual abuse of these substances has a severe long-term effect. Characteristics such as age, gender, race, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, different social groups, and geographical location are contributing factors…show more content…
She also mentions that state legislatures are considering bills that would requires drug manufacturing companies to help coordinate and pay for the collection and disposals of the drug (Goodnough, 2010). The illegal use of prescription drugs are not the only drugs that have gotten immediate attention from the government, as mentioned previously, drug addicts and drug dealers have been taking over local parks in unprivileged areas. City officials have to intervene and come up with a solution to help keep these local public areas safe. Oak Park in Sacramento, CA has been used as shelter for addicts and grounds for drug transactions, many police officers have gone undercover to help put drug dealers away (Jewett, 2007). By doing so, they have served 24 court orders in an attempt to help make public areas safe.
Not only does substance abuse receive a lot of attention from the media and government, but also there is a response medically to this ongoing social problem. More often times than not, substance abuse will cause one to receive medical treatment. With the numerous of overdoses and close calls that have been mentioned through the media, it is also important to recognize that substance abuse can lead to infectious diseases. With desperate addicts sharing needles that could lead to HIV/AIDS or other blood infectious diseases, health care along with federal funding came up with five year pilot program for California where it
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