Substance Abuse : Teens And Adolescents Essay

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Substance abuse is something that teens and adolescents battle every year. More than millions of teens face this issue and every year the number rises and high schools across the nation are seeing a need for school-based prevention programs to decrease the amount of students that are dropping out from these issues. These programs are geared towards helping problems such as alcohol and drug abuse. Although majority of large high schools have these programs, the number of students with these issues continues to rise and the problems are getting worse. “Adolescent substance use increases the risk of significant mental health problems such as conduct disorder, depression, anxiety, and substance dependence.” (Shekhtmeyster, Sharkey, & You, 2011, p.386) It is very obvious that these prevention programs are not digging deep enough into the issues to truly hit the root of the problem to become effective. Researching the substance abuse programs inside these high schools and their counseling programs, as well as their effectiveness can lead to better standards and interventions that can help these students who intend to have bright futures and are trying to move past their problems with drug and alcohol abuse. The Counseling Profession and Research Importance of Research Evidence-based practices are what holds counselors accountable and keeps them out of trouble. A counselor should always respect the privacy and best interest of their clients and the best way for them to do this is
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