Substance Abuse in the Workplace

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Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Substance abuse in the workplace has become a widespread problem as misuse of alcohol and other drugs is an epidemic in today's society. The problem of substance abuse remains a serious problem in many workplaces despite of the encouraging efforts by the local, state, and national government. As a result of the widespread and serious problem of substance abuse, especially alcohol, no workplace is immune from the practice and its effects. Notably, because of its severe impacts on both the abuser and the workplace, substance abuse should not be tolerated. Based on the findings of a research, approximately 75 percent of adult illicit drug users and heavy alcohol users are people employed in part time or full time jobs. Factors Contributing to Substance Abuse in the Workplace: While substance abuse in the workplace has serious effects on the employer, employees, and the working environment, there are various factors that contribute to this practice. These factors are associated with the abusing employee and the workplace environment. They include: Workplace Attributes: The working environment is likely to contribute to substance abuse if the culture of the workplace encourages or accepts the practice. The likelihood of a working environment to encourage and tolerate substance abuse is partly affected by the gender mix of its workforce ("Drug Abuse in the Workplace", n.d.). For instance, male-dominated occupations tend to show heavy
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