Substance Abuse with Drugs and Alcohol

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With them there are very mant effects and dangers. Starting with alcohol your will read about what the substance can do to you physically and mentally. Hopefully if you are having trouble with substance abuse this paper will change your mind.
Substance abuse is overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especailly alcohol or drugs. Most people drink because they are depressed or upset because of a loss. They drink alcohol to make themselves feel better because it is basically a depressant. Others drink because they enjoy the alchohol.
After a little alcohol the drinker may feel confident and relaxed. They may also be a little more talkative. The more they drink the more the effects increase. Other effects are vomiting, or they start to become unable to walk, they can lose control if their bladder, loss of balance, loss of judgment, or loss of coordinance. they could pass out. If you drink to much you could go into a coma, or even worse, you could die.
Chronic abuse can cause serious health problems like liver disease, phsyciatric problems, social problems, increased risk of cancer, or heart disease. Alcoholics that frequently drink tend to gain a tolerance.
After they gain a tolerance they have to drink more alcohol to feel the same way that they did before. After they gain a tolerance they can become dependant on alcohol. This makes people slip into the problem of abuse and addiction. Once they are addicted they…

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