Substance And Substance Abuse Among Inmates

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Substance Abuse among Inmates

Substance abuse can be a big problem in our criminal justice system when dealing with the number of inmates who go back to their illegal activity after being released from custody. In specific, inmates who are drug users/ abusers are to be expected to go back to drugs once they get out. Without treatment they do not have the tools, knowledge, or resources to stay clean on the outside when released. The biggest hazard for an ex-inmate in the community is getting back to their old life, old friends, old contacts, and old drugs. To understand why these substance abusers are the way they are, there must be a clear emphasis on how these substances first evolved and where they originally came from. Focusing on substance abuse among inmates at the federal and state prison can be extremely different when in custody and the programs and treatment that is provided in these prisons can really have a great effect on these offenders when being released back into the community. Substance abuse can range from a small marijuana problem to a severe heroin addiction. Substance abuse is defined as overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. This is a huge issue in our society today and has been since dated back to the earliest age of 1794 otherwise known as the 17th century. Alcohol was the first “substance” that was allowed to be of consumption. Alcohol was the first substance that was represented in American…
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