Substance Influence on the Family

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There are many drugs in our world today. There is marijuana, crack cocaine, cocaine, acid, X, alcoholism, and prescription drugs just to name a few. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, is one well known drug in our society today. If consumed, it can cause psychoactive and physiological effects on different people. Once consumed, it can have effects such as memory loss, dry mouth, reddening of the eyes, and a increased heart rate. This drug is used for recreational use and medical usage. Since the 20th century, marijuana has been recorded all the way back to the 3rd millennium for usage. Either way, marijuana is illegal drug. Don’t get caught selling it, in possession of it or using it at any time. In 2004, it was estimated by the United Nations that it is the highest global consumption of any drug in the adult world population that is used annually. Here recently marijuana has became a drug to help relieve pain in people that have AIDS or muscle spasms. There are different ways to take in marijuana. You can smoke it, vaporize it, have cannabis tea, or put it into edible food. The price on the street today is estimated to be around 36 billion in the United States. This is not for just growing it but figuring out a way to smuggle it in for your suppliers. Marijuana comes from dried flowers and subtending leaves of the female cannabis plant. Then there is another drug called crack cocaine. It is a freebase of cocaine that can be smoked. It is also
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