Substance / Medication Induced Anxiety Disorder

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substance is more appropriate, Major Depressive Disorder is not diagnosed (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Maria describes instances of panic attacks to which she is prescribed Xanax. Although she describes some anxiety is social events, more information is needed to provide an accurate diagnosis of any anxiety disorder. Also, a further exploration of the use of Xanax, Valium, Redux and alcohol is combination is necessary. Because it is unknown as to when the anxiety attacks started, an argument for Substance/Medication-induced Anxiety Disorder is unfitting. Still, it is argued that if her panic attacks started after the increase use of alcohol or Valium, a diagnosis for Substance/Medication-induced Anxiety Disorder may be…show more content…
She also is a woman is corporate America which means she is a further minority in her work place which may place undue pressure on her and her expectations to excel. Women are often overlooked and mistreated in corporate America, making her work place environment an additional challenge (Fernandez & Campero, 2017). Cultural Implication Several cultural implications arise, as Maria is a young, Latina working in corporate America. In addition, the lack of cultural sensitivity may affect Maria in not only her work place, but in her understanding of mental health in the United States. Maria was prescribed Xanax for her panic attacks, but it has been well reported that often Latinas experience anxiety and panic attacks differently from the rest of the population. Ataqu de nervios, has shown to be related to the fear of negative emotions like anxiety and anger, which Maria may be experiencing after the death of her father of other psychological factors (Hinton, Lewis-Fernández, & Pollack, 2009). In addition, Maria was ordered to receive services versus entering on her own behalf, which is not uncommon among Latino/as because they are more likely to seek aid from other sources (Comas-Diaz, 2006). Also, depending of Maria’s ability to pass for white, her assimilation level and ability to code switch from
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