Substance Use And Substance Abuse

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1. Describe your understanding of “substance use” versus “substance abuse” and why these concepts should be of concern for child welfare workers (Chapter 6)? Substance use and substance abuse is hazard for anyone associated with the issue. However, it is life changing ordeal for children who life decisions are made by individuals who is suffering from either of these problems. Nonetheless, to understand the severity of substance abuse and substance use is to define each issue and the role it plays in a child’s life. Substance use is the use of a substance to achieve a desired effect or intoxication level, a substance taken in larger amount for longer period than attend, and unsuccessful attempts to reduce or control substance use. Substance abuse is use of a problem associated with legal issues such as; physical and sexual abuse, and use of substance to fulfill the loss of a role concerning life work, school, or marriage. There are aspects of substance abuse and substance use that concern a child welfare worker. One aspect is females who is sexually active or pregnant that is at-risk of either of these problems. These children are at-risk of birth defects this is caused by drinking or use of street drugs during pregnancy (“Facts about Birth,” 2014). In addition, to the aspect of specially challenged children who suffer abuse or maltreatment. According to the literature 25% of children who suffer abuse have a special challenge (Harris, Lager, & Mather, 2007). The substance
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