Substance Use Disorder And Substance Abuse

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Substance use disorder is defined as being a pattern of maladaptive behaviors and reactions brought about by repeated use of a substance, sometimes also including tolerance for the substance and withdrawal reactions. (pg. 294). The individual I will be talking about for the project is someone that came to crave a particular substance and rely on it every day. Their choice to devote so much of their time to their substance caused issues between their family and friends. Both family and friends started to drift away from this individual. It was almost like all they literally cared about was making sure that they got their substance. Their choice of substance was alcohol. The individual had built up a tolerance where if there was a longer period of time where they would have to go without they would start to feel anxious and get sweaty, that was their withdrawal reactions exposed. A lot of people that have alcohol use disorder specifically start off by developing their drinking problem in there young college years. It is the prime time to be pressured by your peers to try and drink until you puke your cuts out. For other individuals they are so lucky and it actually can be seen as being disorder that is hereditary. For the specific individual that I am talking about for this paper he developed it because a majority of his dad’s side of the family had alcohol use disorder. This individual new the odds were against him, but still fell into the same steps his father’s side did.
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