Substances Include Those Like Stressful Life Events Such

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substances include those like stressful life events such as illness, divorce, conflict in relationships, poor social supports from peers and parents, lack of quality relationships, frequent conflicts and arguments in relationships, and supportive relationships with parents (Rogers, 2016).
Suicide among adolescents, has been an increasing problem over the past several decades. Suicide is now the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24, accounting for 20% of all suicidal deaths. Looking through a biopsychosocial lens, there are factors that we can see that contribute to the thoughts and attempts of suicide, these factors include stressful life events, such as academic problems, unintended pregnancy,
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During adolescence, these factors are powerfully influenced by increases in the eating of fast food and high fat snacks, that are often combined with increases in sedentary behavior and/or low levels of physical activity (Koehn, Gillison, Standage, & Bailey, 2016). Many adolescents do not identify any convincing reason to protect their health through diet and exercise, hypothetically as threats to health seem too far in the future to make health related activities a priority (Koehn, Gillison, Standage, & Bailey, 2016). Adolescents are satisfied to allow their physical activity and dietary choices be dictated by ease or priorities such as asserting their individuality and fitting in with their friends (Koehn, Gillison, Standage, & Bailey, 2016).
Crime and Violence
In the life transition stage of adolescent males, we see an increase in deviance, crime, and violent behavior (Rogers, 2016). Looking through the biopsychosocial lens, there are factors that have been found to help predict violence and delinquency in adolescence. On the micro level, these include being male, substance use, low-wages, occasional achievement, low impulse control, feelings of powerlessness, childhood aggression, hyperactivity, and withdraw (Rogers, 2016). On the mezo level, we would look for family conflict, lack of family support, and discipline and negative peer pressure, like the negative influences of gangs for example (Rogers, 2016). On the macro level, we would look at poverty, living
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