Substation Report 66/11 Kv

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certificate This is to certify that MR.ROHIT .R. MURAI of 3rd sem.[E.E.] having roll no: D12EE68 has succesfully completed his report on visit at kherva 66 kv substation. Date of submission: ____________ Head Of Department: ____________ Subject:- A Report On Visit at 66KV Sub-station at Kherva. [pic] PREPARED BY:- Murai Rohit R. (D12EE68) H.O.D.:- GUIDED BY:- Prof. R.A.Patel Prof. V.B.Patel Prof. D.K.Shah CONTENTS ❖ Introduction ❖ About Substation…show more content…
3) Earth switch: Whenever the line is isolated from the supply than residential charge stay on the conductor.So it becomes necessary to ground this charges to avoid electric shock.So,it is necessary for earthing of the line after the line is switched off for the maintenance of the line. [pic] It is used for both incoming and outgoing bus bars.It is also provided to the towers and other metal parts of substation. Rating of earth switch in kherva substation was 630A. 4) Insulators: Insulators are used to prevent the flow of current between towers and the line,it is also used to support the live conductors and the bus bars.Porcelain disc type insulators are used.Up to 66kv,insulator stack is kept in vertical or horizontal fashion but for the voltage above 66kv,the insulators are kept in the vertical fashion only. There are mainly three types of insulator used as overhead insulator likewise: - Pin Insulator (upto 33kv) - Suspension Insulator (>33kv) - Strain Insulator (<11kv) [pic][pic] [pic] (4) Conductors: Copper conductors are mainly used but due to the increased cost of copper,aluminium

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