Substitute Good : Complementary Good

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substitute good complementary good

Change in demand: Poptarts
I was originally eating poptarts in the morning when I discovered that it would be healthier for me to skip breakfast rather than to intake so much sugar and so many carbohydrates before 9am. My original thought was that Poptarts contained some form of fruit substitute and in comparison to toast, eggs, pancakes and waffles- they were a better call. I was convinced that smaller portions like Poptarts were a better alternative than larger portions of the less-processed goods. However, my mother’s friend is a nutritionist and she recommended that I research the nutritional value of Poptarts. I was shocked to find that, according to Huffington Post, they contained “17 grams of sugar”, incredible amounts of high fructose corn syrup, dextrose as a primary ingredient, and “had more salt than a strawberry”. Now that’s insane! This forced me to shift my gaze away from the Poptarts on the shelves at the grocery store. In relation to Economics, this would be considered a change in demand because I am now refusing to buy a particular product based on anything other than its immediate price. This change in demand is brought about by my new acquired knowledge that Poptarts are unhealthy and should not be eaten in the morning. This acquired knowledge is the determinant. As a result, the Poptart companies are losing me as a customer and I am no longer demanding their product. Therefore, they are losing business; this would be…

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