Suburbanisation in Surbiton Essay

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Surbition – London

Surbiton is a small borough in the South-West of London just South of Kingston-Upon-Thames. It has a population of nearly 170,000 people and has been at the centre of suburbanisation for many years now. Much of the growth is form the centre of London
1830 – Train line between London and Southampton was built which ran near Surbiton.
1837 till 1952 – The population of Surbiton grew from 200 to 2800.
1887 – At this point the population was at just above 10000.
1930 – A large amount of houses were built along in the centre of the village that were large houses and a series of smaller houses were built going towards the River Thames increasing the population size further.
1950s/1960s – A lot more schools
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This causes a lot of congestion at peak times and larger vehicles such as buses and lorries cannot pass through. Surbiton is in London travel zone 6 (zone 1 is centre of London and zone 6 covers the edge of London), which means that train fares are quite expensive. This means that many people (40% of Surbiton) choose to drive to work and this in turn increases the amount of traffic on the roads and increases pollution along the roads connecting to the A3 (main road into London). The house prices are quite high in Surbiton, the average selling price in Surbiton in 2012 was £406,000 compared to the national average of £226,000. This makes in increasingly difficult for people on lower incomes to move to the area which could lead to economic segregation (people with high incomes living in different areas to those with a lower income). Another problem that was a recurring theme in the 1930’s was that people were becoming extremely ill as they couldn’t afford medical attention because of the prices they were paying for their houses along with their food and other essentials.
Management of the problems
‘The improvement strategy for Surbiton town centre’ was launched in the autumn of 2009. The strategy involved widening a number of roads in the town, building a new access road to the station, having set delivery times for shops so roads didn’t get congested as badly and delivery bays could

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