Subway Analysis

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Abstract Currently, franchisee is one of the most popular business models in Australia. In 1965, an American university student formed the SUBWAY, a submarine sandwich restaurant. After 30 years development, Subway creates a sandwich empire through franchisee model and fast extent to 90 countries with more than 300000 restaurants in global range. Currently, economic crisis is impacted Australia and deeply bring the negative influence to Australia economic system. The data indicate Australia is involved in stagflation and unemployment reached the history record constantly. The report will addressed the issues of SUBWAY franchisee which provide a brief understanding of internal and external environment which may apply to impact on the…show more content…
6. Process: High quality and convenience service process provide an unique experience to customer from take order to collect product. 7. Physical Evidence: a comfortable environment of restaurant, friendly treatment and customer satisfaction are the best describe to the physical evidence. External Environment Analysis There are three external environment components which may impact on restaurant, demographic, Technological and Economic environment. Demographic Environment The purpose of the scanning the social, demographic and culture is to determine the significance of population changes on the nature of population and customer purchase behaviour. (Reed 2007) Obviously, population change brings huge impact to product lines and service model. Currently, more and more new residential immigrate to Australia and Box Hill is traditional Asia area. That is meaning the customer needs are more various and restaurant should modified the manual to fit various taste and religion. As we all know, Subway is traditional western fast food provider. The food is developed more suit western taste. My survey tested the eighty customers’ attitude at the Box Hill Centro, the samples are random picked, which classified two groups, local peoples and new immigration or oversea student. The survey found that more than 40% interviewers are “very like” to take meal at Subway, 30% interviewers “like” Subway, 15% interviewers had no comments and 15% interviewers
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